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The Loss of CuRioSiTy as we Age…

On December 31, 2008 I became a father.  The world of fatherhood was something that was very new to me and something that I felt I wasn’t ready for at the time.  It is now August 4th, 2010 and my son is now 20 months old (WTF).  When people used to tell me that “Kids grow up so fast” I never really believed them until now.

Anyways, the topic of this Blog is “The Loss of Curiosity as we Age” … Why and how did i come to this realization? Well I’ll get to that in a minute.  I feel, and as other parents can relate, that kids are NEVER TIRED!…EVER!! lol I think it’s best to be a parent while you’re young (Late 20’s, early 30’s) so you have the ENERGY to play with them.  I can tell that my son Justin is always trying to figure out this world he lives in and all the new technological gadgets that he sees.  And that goes with every other kid out there living in this new century.  I feel that when we are so young, we become very CuRiouS and InQuiSiTiVe about our surroundings that we think differently using our imagination in very unreasonable ways that don’t make sense at all to older individuals.  Examples like:  What if a car could fly? or What if I had a wrist watch like an iPhone where I can see someones face while they talk to me? (Random Thoughts little elementary kids can have) These crazy, off the wall type questions and ways of  thinking need to be fostered continuously and MAINTAINED before the curiosity/imagination goes away.

I feel that Great Teachers understand this one aspect in how we educate our kids and other teachers should definitely use this “Imagination Excitement” within our youth to help them keep “that” as they progress through their grade levels.  Why?? Because the NEXT Generation should ALWAYS be Smarter and INNOVATIVE than the PREVIOUS!  To many of you (Adults) who will read this,… the amount of time that we spend being curious everyday is very small, if we even do that at all.  Why is this?  it’s a WorD call RESPONSIBILITIES!  We have to worry about going to work and probably continuing our education at the same time, paying bills, keeping our kids on a routine throughout the day, or going on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else that prevents us from using our natural ImaGiNaTioN and CuRioSiTy.  And this is why it dissipates as we age.

I can write about this forever, so I’m going to end it with a challenge…

My hope and challenge to everyone is to spend 10 min/day to go back to how we used to be and start thinking of OFF the WALL type ISH! Forget about the Social Networking sites, etc and just sit there and think WHAT IF? I guarantee you that someone is going to be the next billionaire because of some random ass idea that they would have never thought about if they didn’t take the time to use their ImaGiNaTioN and be CuRiouS!

RoChE OwT!