Popped My BloGGiN CheRRy!

Ok, I’m ClocKiN in right now! I’m trying to create my page as I’m writing this first blog which is somewhat confusing at the moment but that’s ok, because I’ll figure it out in no time….
~ To all my fellow bloggers Worldwide, lets get ready to have some very interesting topics of discussion.


    • AnonyChick
    • September 26th, 2010

    So, exactly what does an exercise physiologist do? I know what exercise physiology is. But, in the clinical/hospital setting, what does an EP do? Patient education, assisting patients with exercise? Do you work with only sick patients or do you also work with well clients? Thanks in advance! This is a field I’m very interested in.

    • Well I currently work in a Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention department at South Miami Hospital. Part of my job duties is to monitor, assess, and provide an exercise consultation and prescription to Cardiac Patients that suffer from Heart Disease. I see a variety of Cardiac Patients (Post Heart Attack, Angioplasty/stented patients, Bypass Grafts, Valve Surgery, metabolic dysfunction, etc). And yes, education is a function of what I do. The clients vary, but I work with those suffering from an ailment as well as “Healthy” clients that participate in our Wellness program.

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