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iCardioFiT: Don’t Over-Indulge on your Indulgence!

Happy Holidays to All!

The holiday season is great time to relax with family and loved ones.  It’s also a great time to reflect on the many blessings that we have received this past year.  The holiday season also involves FOOD!  Great Tasting Food especially when experienced family members (Mom and Grandma) cooks.

So it’s very easy to OVER-INDULGE on our INDULGENCE!!!

Indulging while eating your favorite dish every once in a while is not usually an issue, the problem is that we tend to over do it!

"Just Don't Do it"...

The best way to take control of your “Diet Behavior” is too display some sort of self control when you have your favorite dish during you family holiday celebrations.  Two ways to help you avoid over-indulging is to Avoid Eating When Your Starving and To Eat Slowly and Enjoy your Meal!   Don’t arrive at the celebration starving.  When you arrive starving, you’ll will want to eat everything in front of you despite whether or not you are hungry.  The other way to not over do it this holiday season is to take your time when you eat.  It usually takes 20min for you brain to receive the signal that your body is no longer hungry.  Take time to also enjoy every single bit and bite of your food, therefore you will enjoy it that much more.


So during this holiday season, let’s try to stay iCardioFiT !

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio because FiTness Is TiMe!!” … iCardioFiT


Become a “FiTness Role Model” … #iCardioFiT

What is a “Fitness Role Model”? Why are they Important?  I believe that there are 5 Great Reasons on having a “Fitness Role Model” in your life.  For most of you, you have someone in your life that is a successful figure and that you also consider a mentor/role model.  In fact, every successful person in the world has someone he/she can confide with during times of assistance, guidance, or tough times.  To be successful in anything that you do, you must really work at it, however having that person that you can always go to makes a BIG difference.

Many individuals who choose to start an exercise program often fail, due to the lack of experience and/or guidance.  Your fitness role model should help you with the following things:

– Encouragement in your Exercise program

– Provides Guidance on Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Managment

– Gives you Positive Feedback

– Supports you enough that they will Exercise with you!

– Keeps it ReaL with you! (No Bull)

When choosing your Fitness Role model, what is it about them that inspires you to them?  Is there  certain exercise programs that they follow?   Make sure that you choose a role model that not only looks the part but also practices what they preach!  Allow yourself to be led to an active healthy lifestyle tolerating a healthy regimen nutrition and exercise!!!  Once you’ve achieve your goals, be a FiTness Role mode for someone else!

One of my mottos… “iCardio To Inspire Others” !

Stay FiT #TeamiCardioFiT … “It’s Your life, Live it RighT”!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardioFiT TV: Episode 1

Just launched iCardioFiT-TV !! Stay tuned for more episodes of #FiTwork that so you can perform on a week to week basis!

If you can’t do the 70 reps, no problem try doing half the reps and take longer rest periods if need be.  Don’t give up and Work at your own pace!! Enjoy the journey to getting the body that you want!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist 

iCardio: New Nike SportWatch GPS – 2011 !

Nike Unveils the Nike + SportWatch GPS !!

The GPS feature on this watch can capture your location information during your iCardio sessions.  Runners or walkers will get their time, distance, pace, and calories burned on an easy-to-read screen featuring a customisable layout.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS plugs into a MAC or PC  USB port.  Once connected to the CPU, the connection will immediately launch the Nike+ Connect interface which automatically transfers information to

Look for the release date to be early to mid summer! First generation products like these are bound to have their mishaps (i.e internal computer crash, etc) so it may be wise to wait and purchase the 2nd generation model.  I’m sure Nike will add other cosmetic features such as different colors, design, and other features like the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so the consumers can upload to their CPU and

So to all my iCardioFiT fans, this is another message from me to you!! I would love to hear some feedback!

Stay Active and stay FiT!  ….Follow my twitter @iCardioFiT for tips on Health & Wellness as well as the latest news in iCardioFit Inc.

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio: Functional Exercise Training…For Men and Women

If you want to get more out of your exercise training, then I suggest that you start to exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time. The way to go about this is called FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE TRAINING!! Functional exercises are a great way to mix up your exercise routine because they train your muscles to work together simultaneously. iCardio Tip: (The more Muscle Groups you exercise at the same time, the more Calories you burn)

Due to fact that our bodies go through various movements throughout the course of the day, performing functional exercise will now make them easy. This will also allow you to perform your strength training routines with improved technique and control. Why you ask? This is because your bodies synergistic muscles (“stabilizers”) are now better adapted to activate while your muscles contract. Introducing these types of activities into your strength training regimen, will enable you to do more and with a lot less effort.

To all my Women out there; the common problem areas that affect most women is their Lower body. Most women want nice lean and tone looking legs. However, women want a great upper body too. So why not, target the most muscle groups that you can when exercising, like your Quads, Hamstrings, Butt, Calves and combing them with upper body and core exercises. So ladies, here are a few exercises that you can incorporate into your weekly exercise routine.

Walking Lunges with Arm Curls
Squat, Arm Curl, into an Overhead Press
Squat with a Side step

To my Male crowd; the typical male workout includes just upper body (ex. Chest, back, shoulders, and Arms). Come on now fellas, functional exercises are a great way to target those forgotten muscles. Instead of performing the same old free bench press, take two dumbbells and do the chest press on the stability ball. Believe me, if you take your usual routine and incorporate functional exercise days into regimen, an increase in strength, power, and agility will be seen. So here are a few exercises to incorporate into weekly exercise routine.

DB Chest Press on Stability ball
Single leg DB Row
DB Single Leg Lunge, Arm Curl, into an Overhead Press

My hope is that you find this information useful and that you can apply it to your healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to comment, share, and subscribe!!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio: Keep Your Body Guessing…

Jadever Body Fat Scale. Old version of model J...

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For those of you who wish to achieve a TONE and LEAN physique, then alternating  the intensities of your exercise program is very important.  Plateaus can hinder anyones progress to getting their body into great shape.  When people hit these plateaus within their exercise program, they tend to become frustrated and discontinue their healthy lifestyle.  Exercise and physical activity are what you want to keep consistent, but the TYPES of exercises are what you want to vary.

First of all, Forget the SCALE!!!!!

Do you tend to be the type that see an increase of  1 to 2 lbs in your bodyweight, and you equate it to an increase of 1 to 2 lbs of body fat? If you answered yes, then you are incorrect and you have been misinformed.  Stop buying clothes to fit in to and try to make the clothes you already have feel looser.  That means that you need to lose BODY FAT and retain your LEAN MASS.  A reduction of 1 inch within your waist circumference is equal to a loss of 1lb of body fat.  How many of you know the amount of calories you burn while @ rest? Here’s an example:  If your resting metabolism is ~1950kcals/day and you consume ~2600 kcals/day, I don’t have to tell you what that means….

To help reduce that annoying body fat, I have three ways to help you keep you body guessing.  These are also the same types of intensities that I tell my Cardiac Rehab patients to perform.  So here they are:

1.) ENDURANCE Training

Over the course of your iCARDIO sessions, you want to maintain a certain heart rate and intensity throughout the duration of that exercise to help build your endurance. (Refer to the iCardio: Exercising within your Target Heart Rate zone) .  The physiological benefits of endurance training is that you train you body to use oxygen efficiently and train your muscles to utilize that the fat stores as its primary fuel source.

2.) INTERVAL Training

A great FAT-Burning Training Technique.  This type of training allows  individuals to use whatever modality of exercise that they want. ( i.e running, walking, swimming or cycling). This type of exercise alternates between low intensities and short periods of higher intensities to help jump start your metabolism and energize your workout.  This unpredictable type of training exercise and the changing of velocities  between intensities cause your body to activate and alternate between the fuel sources (FATS vs. CARBS) to help increase your endurance, conditioning, and lactate threshold.

3.) High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

This type of training is very strenuous but has many advantages.  You must perform short and high bursts of energy that will require you to push yourself past your 90-95% of your THR zone.  (Ex. 2 min at a low intensity, and 20-25sec at the High Intensity).  Total duration should be no longer than 20 -25 min.  So what’s the pay off Reg?  The benefits of performing H.I.I.T, is that such high bursts of intensities will jolt your metabolism to allow your body to keep burning those calories way after you’ve completed your exercise routine.  As well as improving your Cardiorespiratory fitness to tolerate aerobic exercises at such intensities that could compete with Superior Athletes.

So what’s the take home message?  To completely MAXIMIZE your workout, varying between  these types of training intensities are vital to achieving your GOALS in becoming LEAN and increasing your CARDIOVASCULAR Conditioning!

My Philosophy: You probably can’t be a Superstar athlete, but you can at least Train like an Athlete! Shout out to D-Wade and Lebron James!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

Different Types of Parents…

This post is about different types of parents. Nobody’s perfect and when it comes to being a parent, there’s no handbook. We all must try and attempt to be the very best parent that we possibly can for our children. So this blog post is about some unfavorable characteristics of parenting that we must try to avoid….

The A.W.O.L. Parent

So what kind of parent would this be… these kinds of parents tend to be busy with their Career. These parents don’t necessarily put their family first. They are “Too busy with their career” or too busy doing something else. These parents mean well and say that they’re keeping busy at work to provide for their family however the most important thing is to be their for the family. Being BUSY with their family is the correct way to go about. –

The Pushover Parent

This type of parent tends to have no boundary or consequences for their children. The KIDS wear the PANTS in the household.
The Etch a Sketch

This parent is a very inconsistent parent. They are “fickle” and sometimes send confusing messages to their children. The tend to be firm on a certain issue to prevent an action from happening , then the next time that undesirable action is performed again the consequence is very lax.
BFF parent

I see this alot on MTV My Sweet Sixteen. These parents want to be their child’s friend as opposed to being their parent. Parents need to be parents to their children and give them the guidance they need to survive in this world. I can understand parents wanting to be their child’s best friend because we want our kids to tell us everything and not be afraid to tell us whats going on in their lives. However we cannot forget why they call us PARENTS and our children KIDS. We know Better!

Paparazzi Parent

Ever heard of Jon and Kate plus 8 !?!…

The Survival Parent

These are the “doing time” or “hanging on till their 18” parents. Its understandable, being a parent is the toughest job on this earth. It’s not supposed to be easy. So enjoy the opportunity you’ve been given to nurture and mold your children into amazing human beings so they can love their kids as you have loved them.
The “Farm ur kids out to the subcontractors” Parent

“I cannot wait till grandma and grandpa get here to take care of you”…type of parents. Now Grandparents are great! I love my parents and my fiancée mom. However we cannot let them do 80%(Days work) and us doing 20% (Bedtime). This includes Babysitters, Friends, coaches, etc. These kids are your property, nothing is better than the manufacturer.

The Abusive Parent

This has to be one of the worst kinds of parents. At least in my opinion! The abusive parent is abusive both verbally and physically. Whether these parents were abused themselves at an early age or these parents just don’t want to have children and they feel stuck with their kids and punish them unnecessarily due to their own anger at their situation. For whatever the reason or excuse…its UNACCEPTABLE!!! If one tends to be an abusive parent, then give your child or children to a family who will love them unconditionally.

The Play the Fav Parent

This is the “daddy’s little girl” parent or favorite kid who plays sports. This favoritism can manifest in different ways: more time spent with one child, more affection given, more privileges, less discipline, or less abuse.  They do not knowingly neglect their other kids, however they sometimes make them feel not as important as the “favorite”. Love all your children equally. Support everyone the same way!

What type of parent do you want to be?

Please posts comments….next post coming soon!

Popped My BloGGiN CheRRy!

Ok, I’m ClocKiN in right now! I’m trying to create my page as I’m writing this first blog which is somewhat confusing at the moment but that’s ok, because I’ll figure it out in no time….
~ To all my fellow bloggers Worldwide, lets get ready to have some very interesting topics of discussion.