Different Types of Parents…

This post is about different types of parents. Nobody’s perfect and when it comes to being a parent, there’s no handbook. We all must try and attempt to be the very best parent that we possibly can for our children. So this blog post is about some unfavorable characteristics of parenting that we must try to avoid….

The A.W.O.L. Parent

So what kind of parent would this be… these kinds of parents tend to be busy with their Career. These parents don’t necessarily put their family first. They are “Too busy with their career” or too busy doing something else. These parents mean well and say that they’re keeping busy at work to provide for their family however the most important thing is to be their for the family. Being BUSY with their family is the correct way to go about. –

The Pushover Parent

This type of parent tends to have no boundary or consequences for their children. The KIDS wear the PANTS in the household.
The Etch a Sketch

This parent is a very inconsistent parent. They are “fickle” and sometimes send confusing messages to their children. The tend to be firm on a certain issue to prevent an action from happening , then the next time that undesirable action is performed again the consequence is very lax.
BFF parent

I see this alot on MTV My Sweet Sixteen. These parents want to be their child’s friend as opposed to being their parent. Parents need to be parents to their children and give them the guidance they need to survive in this world. I can understand parents wanting to be their child’s best friend because we want our kids to tell us everything and not be afraid to tell us whats going on in their lives. However we cannot forget why they call us PARENTS and our children KIDS. We know Better!

Paparazzi Parent

Ever heard of Jon and Kate plus 8 !?!…

The Survival Parent

These are the “doing time” or “hanging on till their 18” parents. Its understandable, being a parent is the toughest job on this earth. It’s not supposed to be easy. So enjoy the opportunity you’ve been given to nurture and mold your children into amazing human beings so they can love their kids as you have loved them.
The “Farm ur kids out to the subcontractors” Parent

“I cannot wait till grandma and grandpa get here to take care of you”…type of parents. Now Grandparents are great! I love my parents and my fiancée mom. However we cannot let them do 80%(Days work) and us doing 20% (Bedtime). This includes Babysitters, Friends, coaches, etc. These kids are your property, nothing is better than the manufacturer.

The Abusive Parent

This has to be one of the worst kinds of parents. At least in my opinion! The abusive parent is abusive both verbally and physically. Whether these parents were abused themselves at an early age or these parents just don’t want to have children and they feel stuck with their kids and punish them unnecessarily due to their own anger at their situation. For whatever the reason or excuse…its UNACCEPTABLE!!! If one tends to be an abusive parent, then give your child or children to a family who will love them unconditionally.

The Play the Fav Parent

This is the “daddy’s little girl” parent or favorite kid who plays sports. This favoritism can manifest in different ways: more time spent with one child, more affection given, more privileges, less discipline, or less abuse.  They do not knowingly neglect their other kids, however they sometimes make them feel not as important as the “favorite”. Love all your children equally. Support everyone the same way!

What type of parent do you want to be?

Please posts comments….next post coming soon!

  1. I want to be the extrodinary parent! The one that accepts responsiblilty for her own actions & knows that there is no such thing as the perfect parent because there is no perfect person. But I think knowing this makes the relationship perfect:)

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