iCardio: New Nike SportWatch GPS – 2011 !

Nike Unveils the Nike + SportWatch GPS !!

The GPS feature on this watch can capture your location information during your iCardio sessions.  Runners or walkers will get their time, distance, pace, and calories burned on an easy-to-read screen featuring a customisable layout.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS plugs into a MAC or PC  USB port.  Once connected to the CPU, the connection will immediately launch the Nike+ Connect interface which automatically transfers information to www.nikeplus.com.

Look for the release date to be early to mid summer! First generation products like these are bound to have their mishaps (i.e internal computer crash, etc) so it may be wise to wait and purchase the 2nd generation model.  I’m sure Nike will add other cosmetic features such as different colors, design, and other features like the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so the consumers can upload to their CPU and www.nikeplus.com.

So to all my iCardioFiT fans, this is another message from me to you!! I would love to hear some feedback!

Stay Active and stay FiT!  ….Follow my twitter @iCardioFiT for tips on Health & Wellness as well as the latest news in iCardioFit Inc.

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

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