iCardioFiT: Don’t Over-Indulge on your Indulgence!

Happy Holidays to All!

The holiday season is great time to relax with family and loved ones.  It’s also a great time to reflect on the many blessings that we have received this past year.  The holiday season also involves FOOD!  Great Tasting Food especially when experienced family members (Mom and Grandma) cooks.

So it’s very easy to OVER-INDULGE on our INDULGENCE!!!

Indulging while eating your favorite dish every once in a while is not usually an issue, the problem is that we tend to over do it!

"Just Don't Do it"...

The best way to take control of your “Diet Behavior” is too display some sort of self control when you have your favorite dish during you family holiday celebrations.  Two ways to help you avoid over-indulging is to Avoid Eating When Your Starving and To Eat Slowly and Enjoy your Meal!   Don’t arrive at the celebration starving.  When you arrive starving, you’ll will want to eat everything in front of you despite whether or not you are hungry.  The other way to not over do it this holiday season is to take your time when you eat.  It usually takes 20min for you brain to receive the signal that your body is no longer hungry.  Take time to also enjoy every single bit and bite of your food, therefore you will enjoy it that much more.


So during this holiday season, let’s try to stay iCardioFiT !

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio because FiTness Is TiMe!!” … iCardioFiT

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