Become a “FiTness Role Model” … #iCardioFiT

What is a “Fitness Role Model”? Why are they Important?  I believe that there are 5 Great Reasons on having a “Fitness Role Model” in your life.  For most of you, you have someone in your life that is a successful figure and that you also consider a mentor/role model.  In fact, every successful person in the world has someone he/she can confide with during times of assistance, guidance, or tough times.  To be successful in anything that you do, you must really work at it, however having that person that you can always go to makes a BIG difference.

Many individuals who choose to start an exercise program often fail, due to the lack of experience and/or guidance.  Your fitness role model should help you with the following things:

– Encouragement in your Exercise program

– Provides Guidance on Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Managment

– Gives you Positive Feedback

– Supports you enough that they will Exercise with you!

– Keeps it ReaL with you! (No Bull)

When choosing your Fitness Role model, what is it about them that inspires you to them?  Is there  certain exercise programs that they follow?   Make sure that you choose a role model that not only looks the part but also practices what they preach!  Allow yourself to be led to an active healthy lifestyle tolerating a healthy regimen nutrition and exercise!!!  Once you’ve achieve your goals, be a FiTness Role mode for someone else!

One of my mottos… “iCardio To Inspire Others” !

Stay FiT #TeamiCardioFiT … “It’s Your life, Live it RighT”!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardioFiT TV: Episode 1

Just launched iCardioFiT-TV !! Stay tuned for more episodes of #FiTwork that so you can perform on a week to week basis!

If you can’t do the 70 reps, no problem try doing half the reps and take longer rest periods if need be.  Don’t give up and Work at your own pace!! Enjoy the journey to getting the body that you want!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist 

iCardioFiT-Foods: Let’s GRILL!!!!

As we approach the season of grilling in our backyards, it is important for us to Grill Wisely !! I would like to recommend the Bison Burger!

“Buffalo” Meat is a great source of protein and iron as well being Lower in Saturated Fat when compared to regular Beef.  To be perfectly honest, I prefer eating types of animals that do a little Cardio!!  Partner this with Complex Carbs (Whole Wheat Bread), add plenty of Toppings (Veggies), and remember to go light on the condiments.

Anyways, enjoy your upcoming holiday and always stay iCardioFiT!!!!  Follow @iCardioFiT for your latest #FiTwork exercises!

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio: New Nike SportWatch GPS – 2011 !

Nike Unveils the Nike + SportWatch GPS !!

The GPS feature on this watch can capture your location information during your iCardio sessions.  Runners or walkers will get their time, distance, pace, and calories burned on an easy-to-read screen featuring a customisable layout.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS plugs into a MAC or PC  USB port.  Once connected to the CPU, the connection will immediately launch the Nike+ Connect interface which automatically transfers information to

Look for the release date to be early to mid summer! First generation products like these are bound to have their mishaps (i.e internal computer crash, etc) so it may be wise to wait and purchase the 2nd generation model.  I’m sure Nike will add other cosmetic features such as different colors, design, and other features like the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so the consumers can upload to their CPU and

So to all my iCardioFiT fans, this is another message from me to you!! I would love to hear some feedback!

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Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio: Can you be FiT and be Overweight?

Well the answer to this question is Yes.

However, the question you should be asking yourself is can I be at an optimum HEALTH status being overweight? Having a BMI of 25 -29.9 places you in the Overweight category. While being in the 30 + range categorizes you at OBESE. By being Overweight/Obese places you at RISK for certain syndromes like high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely want everyone to achieve there optimum aerobic capacity at whatever weight you’re at, because it help reduce your risk of Heart Disease, but how does your blood lipid profile look like? Reducing your risk from Very high risk to High risk still places you at a disadvantage in having complete control of your health.

How’s your total cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides, and HDL‘s looking like? Being responsible and realizing the importance of “Knowing your numbers” like one of my colleagues, Cardiologist Dr. Theodore Feldman would say; Knowing your numbers will allow you to take control of your current health status and will allow to makes the necessary life style changes to improve your health.

So while you have your iCardio sessions, combine them with those iCardioFiTFoods to not only keep your current level of conditioning up but to incorporate healthy nutritional options that can better your health and power/fuel your workout!

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Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio: What’s you Body Fat Percentage?

Do any of you know the answer to this question???  If you don’t know this answer or choose not know, then your choosing to go through life being IGNORANT about your health.  Your body fat percentage like your age, it’s just a number.  Psychosocially, you can choose how you feel about that number and how you want to proceed going  throughout your life.  However, knowing this number is especially important because of the potential risk levels you can be in or can soon reach throughout your lifetime.  The chart below shows the body fat percentage guidelines for MEN and WOMEN.

So which category do you fall in??

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Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist

iCardio: Benefits of Cross Training…

Tired of the same old routine??  If so, then it’s time to mix it up!  Definitely one of the major reasons I previously wrote “Keep your Body Guessing”. If you don’t know what Cross Training is, it’s pretty much a great to target different muscle groups and condition them to perform new sets of movements and skill.   One of the reason why individuals become bored with their exercise regimen is because they perform the same movements or exercises ALL THE TIME.   Our body is very smart and efficient, once  our bodies become used to the same types of movements or Exercises, it limits the amount of overall Fitness you can potentially possess.  As well as limits the amount of conditioning one can have.  Why maintain a certain level of conditioning when you can do other types of exercises to keep seeing GAINS in fitness and great RESULTS.

“Cross training is also necessary to reduce the risk of injury from repetitive strain or overuse.”

When you think of the term Cross training, think of performing  several different forms of exercise.  For example, you may use both Running and swimming each week to improve your overall aerobic capacity (Cardiorespiratory Fitness); change thinks around and incorporate other activities like…

  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Stair Climbing or Running the Stadiums
  • Rope jumping
  • Racquetball or Basketball

To help build muscle endurance, strength, and train the same and other muscle groups to perform different skill sets.

Don’t just perform Cardiovascular exercises either, let’s not forget about incorporating some Strength Training Calisthenics/Plyometrics, and Tubing/Band exercises.  Dynamic Flexibility exercises like yoga and Pilates.

So before I end this article, the benefits that you can receive from Cross Training will include: A reduction is exercise boredom, Increase your overall level of conditioning, reduce your risk of injury from repetitive motions, and most IMPORTANTLY improving your overall skill, agility, and proprioception (balance).

Reggie Laroche

The Exercise Physiologist